Our Stratford warehouse is:

  • Palletized
  • Clean
  • Secure
  • Climate controlled
  • Protected by a sprinkler system
  • 24 Hour Video Surveillance

Palletized: Your belongings are stored in their own secure compartment within our warehouse.  Anyone entering the warehouse does not have access to your protected physical space, preventing accidental mix-ups or theft.  In the unlikely circumstance that the building is subject to flooding due to extreme weather or unforeseen disaster, your belongings, up off the floor, are provided an extra layer of protection.

Clean: Because the warehouse is palletized, your belongings are not subject to environmental dust and dirt.  In addition, the warehouse undergoes routine cleaning.

Secure: An advanced security system deters possible theft.  In addition, the palletized environment ensures that your belongings are not visible to visitors to our facility.

Climate controlled: The warehouse is  heated to avoid extreme cold, protecting antiques and other fine furniture.

Protected by a sprinkler system: An up-to-date sprinkler system ensures that, in the unlikely event that fire is detected, it is immediately extinguished.  The palletized environment provides a layer of protection against water damage.