Residential & Commercial Moving Services

Moving You in a New Direction
Derosier Moving & Storage is synonymous with household moving. We have become one of the world’s largest van lines because of our single-minded focus on the single most important element of our business – customer satisfaction.

All the Right Moves
Even though moving your entire household seems like a giant task, it’s really a matter of details … and the professionals at Derosier Moving & Storage can simplify the task for you. Whether you’re going across the country or around the world, when you move with Derosier Moving & Storage, the most important family we’re relocating is yours. Our highly trained family of agents, van operators and packing crews will turn your move into a simple process for your whole family. Packing is done on a room-by-room basis to make unloading and unpacking orderly.

Making Moving Better
There’s nothing we can’t prepare, pack, pad and move safely for you, no matter how delicate or oddly shaped it may be. Our skilled crews know how to handle appliances properly to prevent internal damage. We can also arrange for pre- and post-move services to make sure your appliances are properly unhooked and connected. Derosier Moving & Storage can even move your cars, campers or vans. And you’ll have the help of not one but two agents – one here and one in your new hometown – working together to ensure that every phase of your relocation goes smoothly.

New Directions in Confidence, Security and Satisfaction
If you entrust it to Derosier Moving & Storage when you leave, you can be confident it will arrive safely at your new home. It’s just that simple. We inventory every single one of your belongings before we begin loading. All items, including cartons, receive numbered stickers that correspond to their written description and condition.

Because we look at everything from your point of view, we believe that we can bring more security and peace of mind in your move than you would have thought possible.

Corporate Relocating

Before We Start the Move, We Begin the Plan
Careful planning is critical to your successful relocation. Whether it’s an office move across town or a major plant relocation across the country, Derosier Moving & Storage’s attention to detail will ensure the shortest amount of downtime and the smoothest move possible.

Planning is the first and possibly most important step of your company’s relocation.

Your representative will work with you to devise a cost-effective program. The representative will predetermine manpower and equipment needs, as well as timing, work area schedules, floor planning and preparation requirements. This on-site analysis provides you with a department-by-department survey and inventory while ensuring that no details are overlooked.

Making sure that commercial relocations have safe transportation is a commitment you receive from Derosier Moving & Storage. Our service, communication, equipment and professional personnel add up to one thing – the assurance that your plant or office arrives securely and on time.